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Month: September, 2014

Bloom True Boot Camp: Gathering Your Supplies

Gathering Art Supplies. I have a love-hate relationship with art supplies. I love art supplies because I love making art. But I find that shopping for art supplies, specifically shopping for the perfect art tool, takes time away from me actually making any art. To gather supplies for #BloomTrueBootCamp with #FloraBowley all I had to do was open up my art closet:

art supply closet

Again, the closet is a shared space with my boys. My art supplies that they must ask before using are on my rolling art cart from Ikea.

Ikea art cart 1

ikea art cart 2

ikea art cart 3

The new paints that I bought just for Bloom True:

martha stewart paintsOther supplies in my space:

art bag

pan watercolors

thread jar


Bloom True Boot Camp: Prepare Your Space

Day 2 of #BloomTrueBootCamp with #Flora Bowley: Prepare your space. I love love love my art space. My art corner is in a sunny room close to the heart of our home.

my art space 1

I bought these great lab tables for $20 each from the UC Berkeley/ UCSF surplus store! Many universities have their own surplus store, or you can check out the auction website PublicSurplus.com to find great deals near you.

colored pencil crate

I share my art space with my 2 boys. I keep their favorite supplies right out on the table to inspire them to make art.

doll by kim

My best friend’s mom made this doll for me when I was in high school. She is my muse and I adore her.

fan and plantI bought this old fan at a garage sale. I don’t turn it on because I’m too afraid someone will stick their finger in there, but I love how it looks tucked back in the corner. Almost everything in my art table I bought used. The lamp and the red art caddy were from the thrift store. The pencil holders in the art caddy are old mason jars. I bought my serger used from my local sewing machine shop. And of course my lab tables from UCSF. It feels good to be in a room full of things with a history.

Bloom True Boot Camp: Invite the Sacred


Today begins my #BloomTrueBootCamp journey with #FloraBowley. I first learned of Flora and Bloom True when the momma of one of my kindergartners organized a mural painting project with my class in the spirit of Flora’s work. My students stamped and splattered their way across two hollow core doors. This sweet momma then took the doors home and added designs and imagery onto the layers my kinders had painted to create two beautiful murals. The process and the final products were both so amazing I decided I wanted to learn more about Flora and her work. So here I am. Grateful to the momma who introduced me to Bloom True. Grateful to Flora for offering this experience. And grateful to the universe that I get to share this with all the precious 5 year olds with whom I get to spend my days.

You can learn more about Flora Bowley and Bloom True here.