Bloom True Boot Camp: Gathering Your Supplies

by Samantha

Gathering Art Supplies. I have a love-hate relationship with art supplies. I love art supplies because I love making art. But I find that shopping for art supplies, specifically shopping for the perfect art tool, takes time away from me actually making any art. To gather supplies for #BloomTrueBootCamp with #FloraBowley all I had to do was open up my art closet:

art supply closet

Again, the closet is a shared space with my boys. My art supplies that they must ask before using are on my rolling art cart from Ikea.

Ikea art cart 1

ikea art cart 2

ikea art cart 3

The new paints that I bought just for Bloom True:

martha stewart paintsOther supplies in my space:

art bag

pan watercolors

thread jar