Bloom True Boot Camp: Prepare Your Space

by Samantha

Day 2 of #BloomTrueBootCamp with #Flora Bowley: Prepare your space. I love love love my art space. My art corner is in a sunny room close to the heart of our home.

my art space 1

I bought these great lab tables for $20 each from the UC Berkeley/ UCSF surplus store! Many universities have their own surplus store, or you can check out the auction website to find great deals near you.

colored pencil crate

I share my art space with my 2 boys. I keep their favorite supplies right out on the table to inspire them to make art.

doll by kim

My best friend’s mom made this doll for me when I was in high school. She is my muse and I adore her.

fan and plantI bought this old fan at a garage sale. I don’t turn it on because I’m too afraid someone will stick their finger in there, but I love how it looks tucked back in the corner. Almost everything in my art table I bought used. The lamp and the red art caddy were from the thrift store. The pencil holders in the art caddy are old mason jars. I bought my serger used from my local sewing machine shop. And of course my lab tables from UCSF. It feels good to be in a room full of things with a history.